Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye Party

Yesterday we had a goodbye party for Monika, Andrea and Alice since they are all leaving us. Monika is moving back to Poland, Andrea will go to Brazil, and Alice has decided to live in the sweet city of Stockholm.
Cecilia, Jeanette and I decided to make a huge chocolate cake for the party.

We decorated the cake with pink frosting (for Monika) and Smarties in the shape of flowers. The frosting looked like a huge piece of gum before we spread it on the cake.

Monika got a new T-shirt to remind her of Denmark. A pink crown for the princess... So perfect!

Chocolate cake and beer was the only dinner we had. Hhmmm... Maybe not the most clever thing to do... But the cake was so good!

We are gonna miss you, sweet girls!

1 comment:

Christine et Alice said...

awww so niiice !!
and the cake was really good, this is so kind,
you girls are the best :D thanks again <3