Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting there

My apartment finally seems to be done, and now it's time for all the fun stuff. I can now decorate and find cute furniture. But a lot of things still need to be done.
I need to:
  • Paint my dining table
  • Paint my desk
  • Find chairs for my dining table
  • Find lamps for every room exept the kitchen
  • Find some piece of furniture for my TV and stereo
  • Change all the sockets
  • Find a new chest of drawers for my bedroom. I don't like the one I have.
  • Put paintings or posters on the walls
  • Do a lot of other things I probably just forgot about...

So I guess there's still quite a lot to do... but I'm getting there. Maybe I'll find cool stuff at the flea market tomorrow.


Alice said...

lucky you !!!!

Alice said...

!!!! i read yours too !
.... coincidence ?!