Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today I went to the flea market (in Swedish: loppis) in Holte with Eva and Alice, so now Alice and I can take one more thing off our to-do-list. The original plan was to go to the flea market in Lyngby afterwards, but we were too slow and never got that far before they closed.

Apparently I have a "lucky shirt spot" in Holte. It's where I always find cool shirts really cheap. Last summer I bought a PERFECT white/blue-striped men's shirt, that has become my favourite, and today I found a great blue one by Christian Dior. I also got a red/white-checked shirt, a beautiful Pringle-scarf, a Swedish-looking summer skirt, a blue top, and a sweet little jug by Royal Copenhagen.

After being at the flea market for three hours we went to Holte harbour, which is the cutest little place. We had sandwiches and ice cream, while laughing at a little boy chasing the ducks.

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Alice said...

such a lovely report <3
it was just perfect. just, perfect :)

i am also blogging the whole weekend :D