Saturday, July 19, 2008

A lot, enough... or too much?

I was supposed to go out with Alice tonight, but we were both too lazy and ended up staying home. So instead I unpacked some more stuff. Mostly clothes... And now my closet is almost full. I can't believe it. I knew I had a lot of clothes, but not this much. The question is: Do I have enough clothes, or maybe even too much? Personally I think that I have a lot, but I can never get enough... And definitely not too much. I love fashion, and I love shopping.

Tomorrow I will go with Alice to the flea market in Lyngby. If we like it we'll probably stay there for hours, but if it's no good we'll just go to Holte like last week. The flea market in Holte is usually better, because the area is more posh and you can find designer clothes at fair prices if you're lucky.
Alice and Serge made crêpes today, and they will bring them tomorrow. So yummi!


Alice said...

hahaha is Louis-Bertil comming to the flea market ?

Alice said...

you have too much clothes !! remember the rule, you have to give 45% to a foreign friend ;D