Monday, July 07, 2008

Roskilde Festival

I just got back from Roskilde Festival. At first I wasn't sure if I would go this year, cos I was a bit disappointed with the program, but I ended up buying a ticket any way... And I'm glad I did. The weather was really nice and we had a blast. My three favourite concerts this year were: Radiohead, Lykke Li and Bob Hund.

We went to the festival cinema to watch Hata Göteborg, and it was so much fun. The cinema was full of Swedes, who knew all the lines... And I just love the movie. Svante and his anger makes me laugh every time.

Roskilde Festival is always full of gypsies collecting bottles, cans and cups. Extremely annoying, but also kind of funny. We invented a game - this is how you tease a gypsy: When you finish your drink a gypsy will always be ready to grab your cup. So this is when you call out "Gyyyypsy, gypsy, gypsy!" And when the gypsy comes over, you take the cup and throw it as far as you can, yelling out "Go long, gypsy!!"

Moments to remember from Roskilde 2008:

  • Meeting fellow Håkan-fans from Gbg

  • Synchronized Yay!! on the bus

  • Hanging out with sweet Dani in the sun

  • All the great concerts

  • Bagels

  • Funny Norwegian guy falling in love with me

  • Seeing Uffe after Familjen-gig

  • Dancing with funny Faroese-Swedish guy

  • Soap bubbles

  • Our new friend with the fabulous golden leather vest

  • Finding the most perfect Radiohead t-shirt at the merchandise shop

  • The phantom guy

Moments I will try to forget:

  • The rain coming down 20 minutes before we were going home

  • The smell of pee etc...

  • Guy peeing in a cup

  • Half-naked German neighbours

  • Hata DSB


Alice said...

"Gyyyypsy, gypsy, gypsy!" i can't stop lauphing !! you're so mean !!!
btw, why my picture is just upon the gypsy game rules ?? do i have to understand something ?!! ;D

and "Our new friend with the fabulous golden leather vest" + "Guy peeing in a cup" hahahahahaha :D

still laughing !!

it was such a great week, i will keep great memories aswell <3

Alice said...

you've been tagged sweetie :D
you have to tell us 6 things you like today :) and tag other people to do it <3