Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to the bar

Summer break is over and school started again this week. Part of me wants more time off, and part of me likes being back with the gang in the daily routine.
Going back to school means going back to our lovely Friday bar as well. Yesterday there was a party, so we met at Nikolaj's place first to have some drinks and listen to music. The Ark, Superheroes, Oasis and Melody Club.

We were slow as always and arrived fashionably late at the school, so we missed the band. Too bad. But according to the others they were no good, so we didn't really care. It was fun to be back at the bar, which has had a little make over during the summer. Can't decide whether I like it or not. People got drunk and cozy... and some even cuddly. Fun? Yes. Confusing? Absolutely.
I learned that I really do suck at foosball. It would be nice if Joey and Chandler could teach me a few tricks.

I've spent my Saturday feeling "bakfull". But going back to my home town to eat sausages from the barbecue was a very nice cure. And so was emails from Alice.

Song of the day: Lykke Li - Little Bit
How we move from A to B it can't be up to me... Cause I don't know.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Somehow, Someday

I've been listening to "Somehow, Someday" by Ryan Adams today. Love that song.

I want to tell you something
That I shoud've, long ago
I wish that you and I had those kids
Maybe bought us that home
I wish that we were still in your room
In your bed and you were holding me
'Cause there ain't no way I'll ever stop from lovin' you now
There ain't no way I'll ever stop from lovin' you now
No, there ain't no way and I'm gonna try and show you somehow
Somehow, someday

I dreamt that you and I were still young
Laughing like little kids
I'll never know just how bad it hurt
Or what I did
I wish that we were stumbling fast
Down on Irving and 6th
I wish we were still making plans
But now, there's nothing to fix
But there ain't no way I'll ever stop from lovin' you now

There ain't no way I'll ever stop from lovin' you now
No, there ain't no way and I'm gonna try and show you somehow
Somehow and oh, someday
Someday... someday
Ah honey, someday

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I just found this poster at

It's so cute... I love it! And I'd love to have it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

They found it!

They found my luggage, and they're bringing it to me this afternoon! They found my suitcase! A lady with a very funny accent just called and gave me the good news! I'm so happy. I thought I'd lost all my favourite things. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Smiling!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Augusti i Helvetet

It's been 24 hours and I still haven't heard anything about my luggage. I'm so sick of wondering where it is and if I will ever get it back. I want my things back... now please!
They gave me this number so I can track and trace my suitcase on the Internet, but no news there either. And they keep spelling my name wrong, even if I tell them to change it.

Malmöfestivalen - part 3

I went straight from Copenhagen airport to Malmö with Eva and Dorthe, because we wanted to see Familjen and Slagsmålsklubben at Stora scenen. I was so exhausted after the flight and losing my luggage, but we had fun any way. We had a great dinner... I think it was Lebanese. Music is the best thing about Malmöfestivalen, but the food definitely comes next!

It seemed like quite a tonårings-party, and we felt a little old.
The concerts were cool. Slagsmålsklubben wore very funny outfits... Difficult to describe, but I guess golden pants say a lot. On guys!

We stopped by the airport on our way home, but there was nothing new about my lost luggage...


Wednesday morning Jeanette and I left Copenhagen to go visit Alice in Stockholm. Hadn't seen her for a month or so. Unfortunately we didn't sit next to each other on the plane, so I pretty much slept all the way to Arlanda.
We met Alice at T-Centralen. We spotted her red hat in the crowd. So cute...

Then we went back to her apartment, and she gave us the grand tour. Jeanette had never been to Sthlm, so we went and saw Gamla Stan, which I just love. Except for all the tourists. We went to SoFo and did a little second hand shopping, and I had to go to Pet Sounds and buy tickets for Håkan at Mejeriet in Lund. I could spend so much money at Pet Sounds if someone let me.

We took the boat to Djurgården and walked around for a while. Till our legs could no longer carry us. Then we jumped on the bus and went to Urban Outfitters. I liked a lot of the things there, but it was unfortunately too much like the one in Cph - over-priced.

Alice made us yummi pasta for dinner, we watched Sex & the City and then fell asleep.

Thursday was wet, but we managed to go on a sightseeing trip on a boat before the rain came down. Afterwards we went shopping, and I finally found the perfect floral dress. I've been looking for one for ages. Jeanette found a cute anchor-ring for me and a dress for herself.

When we were soaking wet, we decided to go back to Alice's place and eat crepes for dinner. And then it was time for a night on the town! I've heard a lot about Debaser, and it sounded really cool, so we went there. I was a bit disappointed though. Almost no cute guys - almost no Swedes. It was weird, because I think it could be such a cool place. But I guess we picked the wrong day. We have to go there on a Saturday sometime. I have a feeling the crowd must be totally different. I didn't expect to meet Italians there...

They closed at 3:00 AM - just when we were having a great time dancing. Some Swedish guys asked us to come along to Hell's Kitchen (such a stupid name for a bar), so we did. I wonder what they were doing at Debaser... They seemed much more like the Stureplan-kinda people. And after talking for a while I realized they were. But it was fun talking to them anyway. At one point we decided to make the great escape and jump in the cab. Enough ;)

Oh, and by the way... Snus?? No thank you!

Yesterday was time for leaving Alice and the sweet city of Stockholm. We had crepes for breakfast. So perfect when you wake up after a night out. We packed our things and jumped on "Tåget som går in till stan" and then caught the Arlanda Express.

At the airport they decided to check my back in as "Odd size luggage", which was quite strange as it went as regular sized luggage from Copenhagen. I didn't shop that much in Stockholm. We boarded and this time we had seats next to each other, and next to a Swedish "gubbe" who asked what we were doing in Stockkholm. For a second I thought to myself: "What are YOU doing in Stockholm?" (Okay, long story - watch the episode of That 70s Show called Canadian Roadtrip). At some point we talked about music, and I told him I listened to Håkan. "Han är en väldigt bra artist!" the gubbe said. (Translation: He's a very good artist!). And he asked if I listened to Broder Daniel as well... Självklart!

The flight went well, and we were quite relieved. We went to get our luggage, but unfortunately mine never arrived. F***! I had to report to the airline, that it was missing, and they told me they'd call me when they found it. I've always feared losing my luggage this way, and now it's happened. So many things are in that bag. Stupid Swedish lady deciding to send me to "Odd size luggage" check-in! So not neccessary. We stayed at the airport and looked for it until I had to jump on the train to Malmö.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Malmöfestivalen - part 2

Today Eva and I went to Malmö again. This time to see Moneybrother at Stora Scenen. When we were in the train somewhere above Øresund, I realized I'd forgotten my camera back home - and so had Eva!! I'd been running around packing for Stockholm all day, so apparently I left the camera somewhere in my mess. So stupid!

So I have no pictures from the concert, and I'm still beating myself in the head. I've borrowed some images from instead.
The concert was really good! It was the third time I saw Moneybrother live, and it was so perfect when he had Ane Brun on stage to sing "It Might As Well Be Now" with him. Such a lovely song. I love her voice.

Moneybrother's band is so funny. The guys playing trumpet and trombone are so entertaining! (And I think one of them is playing with Florence Valentin as well...). I really wanted to take pictures of them - or even record a video of their funky little dance.
One of my favourite songs is "Just another summer", and this time it was pretty much true when he sang "Now the summer is just another summer". So sad to think about that. But I believe there is still a few days left of summer.

We went to buy tickets for Håkan at Mejeriet and Konserthuset, but unfortunately the shop was closed. So I'll try and see if I can buy them tomorrow in Stockholm. I can't wait to go! Jeanette and I are leaving very soon, and it's gonna be so much fun to visit Alice at her new place.

Song of the day: Moneybrother - Just another summer

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh-Oh... Not good

I just stopped by Monki's website and realized that the fall collection is out now. I've been shopping waaaaay too much lately, so it's really not good for me to see so many lovely items. I want almost everything. Monki is definitely one of my favourite brands. I picked out a few darlings:

Alice, Jeanette and I have to go to Monki. We simply have to...

Rainy day

It was raining today in Copenhagen. I really wanted it to be nice and sunny, but it was just grey and wet.
My shoes and jeans were soaking wet in no time.

(image from deviantART)

I ran into David on the train, which was perferct as I needed to talk to him... He told me that his new American team mate is arriving tomorrow. So exciting! But I guess I won't get a chance to meet him until Saturday.

Stockholm seems very close now. Jeanette and I are leaving in less than two days.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Malmöfestivalen - part 1

It's become a tradition for me and Eva to go to Malmöfestivalen every August. So yesterday we jumped on the train - or should I say "vi red på Malmö city en lördagsmorgon".
We'd been hoping Håkan would play at the festival this year, like he did back in 2005. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but instead Timo Räisänen did a great show at Stortorget last night.

The concert wasn't until 11:30 PM, so we had plenty of time for other things. We had "Pad Thai med vårruller", which is pretty much a tradition as well. Just like Åhléns, where I finally found a pair of chinos, that I can't wait to wear. We also went to Radical Sports to stare at the Converse shoes I really want.

Mölleplatsen is different this year. Usually there are three stages called Mölle 1, 2 and 3, but now there's only one stage and a tent. We saw Ebbot Lundgren (who seems to be following us, haha) and some other guys play children's songs. It was a little strange, so we went and had some starköl instead.

Thomas Öberg of Bob Hund was playing in the tent with some other people, so we checked that out. But it was incredibly boring and weird, so we left to hang out at Västra Hamnen instead. I love the architecture in that area, and the sky was so pretty.
We had dinner at Lilla Torg and then dessert at Gustav Adolphs Torg.

A few minutes past 11 Timo and the band came out and did their sound check. I almost couldn't believe my own ears, when Niels played the chords from BD's "Shoreline" when playing with his guitar. Seems like I'm not the only one with great memories from Way Out West in my head...

It was the last gig of Timo's tour, so everybody in the band were ecstatic - and so was the crowd! It was so much fun and everyone danced and jumped like crazy. The only not so fun part was when some "tonåring" decided to hug me from behind and grab my ass...! Freaky. Fortunately we managed to move a bit away from him.

Timo wore a T-shirt saying "Jag är bäst". Lack of self-confidence has never been an issue in his world. And why would it? Visst var han bäst...

We had such a good time. Nils was definitely the biggest "fyllo" of the day, hahaha...

Song of the day: Timo Räisänen - My Valentine

My wish list - part 2

I would love to have a pair of big head phones like these from WESC:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summertime at Strandvejen

Today I met with Cecilia and Jeanette at Strandvejen. We sat by the water and ate salmon bagels - our favourite.
We talked about how crazy it is, that our summer break is almost over. We want more free time to have fun and not worry about school, but we have to go back to reality in 10 days. So now it's time to really enjoy the last part of our break.
We went for a bit of shopping, and Cecilia bought a very pretty dress. Then we had ice cream (björnbär - yummi!) from ParadIS.
We agreed that when school starts we have to go out on tuesdays, like we always talked about but just never really did. We have no classes scheduled on wednesdays, so we need to take advantage of that. I can't wait to do this! We also agreed to dress up more, when we go out or when we have parties at the school. Really girly and great fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Magnetic words

Today I played with the magnetic words on my fridge for a while...

And I discovered that a girl named Anna Ternheim did a cover of Broder Daniel's "Shoreline". It's so different... but really sweet. I like it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sthlm next week!

Jeanette and I bought the tickets! We're going to visit Alice in Stockholm next week! I can't wait... It's gonna be so much fun. We're leaving wednesday morning and coming back friday afternoon, and Alice has enough room at her place for us to sleep there. Yay!

(image from deviantART)

Håkan på höstturné!

I just saw on Håkan's website, that they published a lot of tour dates for this fall. He's gonna play in both Copenhagen, Lund and Malmö, and we are definitely going! Maybe we'll go to Göteborg as well, when he is playing at Liseberg. I would love that. It was so pretty last time. Here are all the dates:

26/9 Göteborg, Liseberg
27/9 Lund, Mejeriet
28/9 Århus, Train
10/10 Luleå, Kulturens Hus
11/10 Oslo, Sentrum Scene
12/10 Västerås, Bombardier Arena
15/10 Ås, Högskolan
16/10 Haugesund, Byscenen
17/10 Bergen, Rökeriet
18/10 Stavanger, Folken
22/10 Köpenhamn, Store Vega
23/10 Uppsala, Konserthuset
24/10 Huskvarna, Folkets Park
25/10 Falun, Magasinet
29/10 Stockholm, Cirkus
30/10 Gävle, Konserthuset
31/10 Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken
1/11 Norrköping, Flygeln
11/11 Umeå, Folkets Hus
12/11 Sundsvall, Stadshuset
15/11 Malmö, Konserthuset

Before Alice left, Eva and I told her that we would come visit her sometime when Håkan was playing in Stockholm, so we could go together. And now it's announced that he has a gig at Cirkus on October 29th, but that's a wednesday. So stupid. I don't think we can leave for Sthlm in the middle of the week. A weekend would have been so much better. I really want to go, so I'll see if I can come up with a plan...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cheap tickets

Today Jeanette told me she had found really cheap flight tickets to Stockholm, so now we're trying to see if we can visit Alice soon. It would be such a perfect ending to our summer break, and I've been longing to go back to Sthlm.

(image from deviantART)

Stockholm i mitt hjärta,
låt mig besjunga dig nu,
åldrad i ungdomlig grönska,
öarnas stad, det är du!
Av städer jag känner i världen
är du den stad som fått allt
Genom Mälarens kärlek till havet
en blandning av sött och salt

Song of the day: Lasse Berghagen - Stockholm i mitt hjärta

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dags att lämna Gbg

Now I'm back home in Denmark. Very tired. And I already miss Göteborg so much!

The train ride was different than usual, because there was no more seats on the Öresundtåg, so we had to go to Alvesta and then take the X2000 to Copenhagen. There was a Danish football team of 12-year-olds in our compartment. They were fun for a while, but also very noisy. So I put my iPod on Håkan-shuffle and turned it up, so I didn't hear the noise from the kids and their card games.

It was so cozy, and once again i felt like travelling all over Sweden . "Tågluff" is a fun activity. I read King (Swedish men's magazine) and news papers full of reviews from Way Out West. The critics really liked Håkan and Neil Young - just like I did.

Prinsessan Eva (i nylackerade skor) listened to Håkan as well...

Being back home is no fun. I miss everything about Göteborg... Håkan, Slotsskogen, Hurricane, hallonpaj, BD, korv, Allén, Avenyn, spårvagnar, SNYGGA POJKAR, Vasastan, långgatorna, Monki, Weekday, Åhléns, konfettiregn, Älvsborgsbron, stans bästa band, och mycket mycket mer...

Way Out West - day 2

Waking up yesterday morning we were extremely tired, but at the same time super excited about the concerts. We ate too much for breakfast again... That damn buffet got us again.

We found out that the area around Slotsskogen can be pretty much like the Bermuda Triangle. The trams don't always go where you expect them to, so we got pretty lost and missed José González. Such a pity. But Sahara Hotnights were cool. (And by the way, living at our hotel). They always wear cool outfits, and this time was no different. Tight and colorful jeans, tanktops and heals.

We went and had some Pripps Blå at the beer area. (Crazy Swedes! I can't believe you have to drink your beer behind a fence). We were both really cold and it was so windy, so we decided to go back to Rubinen for more clothes before the Håkan concert. We got lost in the Slotsskogen triangle again when we went back! And it was so stressful, because the concert was only a few minutes away.

When we finally found our way to the entrance and got through the gates, the guy checking our bags was such an ass. He found Eva's soap bubbles and said we weren't allowed to bring them to the festival. Come on! It's soap bubbles! What could we possibly do with them? It says nowhere in the festival rules, that they aren't allowed. I tried my best with puppy eyes to tell him, that it was just for the Håkan concert. But the guy seemed to have no soul. So we ended up pretending to leave and then sneaking by another bag-checking guy. We made it to the concert on time, but didn't get a very good spot in the crowd. That didn't stop us from having a blast though!

I wore my new dress. (Jag är snabbast på att sno stilen!)

Hurricane Gilbert introduced his friend "Hemmasonen, falsksångaren från Västra Frölunda" - so sweet. The first song was "Tro och tvivel", which I think is my favourite song from the new album. Like all other Håkan-songs, the lyrics are great.

"Det var nästan alltid svart i tankarna på Långedragspaviljongen
Där jag nästan alltid satt med pensionärerna
Under båtsäsongen
Och vi såg på dom unga och glömska i båtar och i varandras armar
Och tänkte skuld och lidande väntar på er fortfarande"

"Glöm det aldrig, Håkan
– Parkbänken e aldrig långt borta"

"Ramlar" got the party started, and everyone were singing and dancing. Definitely one of the best party songs ever! Every time I hear it, I can totally picture Håkan drunk in the streets and clubs of Gbg.

"Jag ramlade in på nåt diskotek
Och sen ramlade jag ut såvitt jag vet
Och jag ramlade omkull och tog mig upp igen, och sen ramlade jag omkull igen"

Another lovely song from the new album is "Jag vet inte vem jag är men jag vet at jag är din". The title is just as long and perfect as "Jag Hatar Att Jag Älskar Dig Och Jag Älskar Dig Så Mycket Att Jag Hatar Mig" from the previous album.

I stopped filming, because I wanted to dance instead. And it's very difficult to keep the camera still, when everyone around you are jumping and dancing too...

I don't like to play favourites with Håkan's songs, but "Brännö Serenad" is definitely in my top three. It's so freakin' sweet! Both the melody and the lyrics... "Jag blir hellre ensam än lycklig med någon annan" ♥

After a few quiet songs, "Förhoppningar och regnbågar" turned into "Klubbland", and once again Prinsessan Eva and I danced along with all the Swedes.

Another one of my favourites is "Hurricane Gilbert" - I think a lot of people (ok, mostly Swedes) agree with me, when I say that it's a masterpiece. A song about Håkan's best friend and guitarist.

Then came the moment we'd all been waiting for: "Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg" all over Slotsskogen. It was great last year, when The Ark played it - but nothing compares to Håkan and his band in their home town. Sorry Ola! Det blev allsång - och det var grymt!!

"Ta mig till kärlek, ta mig till dans
Ge mig nåt som tar mig någonstans
för jag vill veta om kärlek finns"

"En midsommarnatts dröm" used to be my favourite, but I think "Brännö" has taken the lead now. But it's still a great summer song.

I know Alice likes "Kärlek är ett brev skickat tusen gånger", so I filmed it for her.

"Vad jag bryr mig om är att se dig gråta
för jag har gråtit
och du ringde aldrig
Vad jag bryr mig om är att du kallar på mig
även om jag inte kommer tillbaks till dig"

Time went by waaaay too fast, and the band left stage - but Stefan and Håkan came back and played "Nu kan du få mig så lätt". I love the live version of this song, and I wish they would release it, so I could listen to it on my iPod.

"Det var så mörkt
Den kvällen jag gick hem
Jag hade hoppats på något,
hoppats på något
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig så lätt
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig så lätt
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig så lätt
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig
Lura mig nej nej vad folk än säger"

The rest of the band came back out and played "För en lång, lång tid". Dance, dance, dance again.

One last explosion seemed to happen, when they played "Kom igen Lena" and a big confetti cloud was sprayed all over the crowd. It was so pretty and perfect!! I didn't want that moment to end...

Vi blev barn på nytt igen i ett konfettiregn!

The last song was "Det är så jag säger det", and Håkan was telling sweet stories. To me this song has "GBG" written all over it. It was a perfect moment to end a perfect (but short - only 13 songs) concert, and I think Daniel Gilbert felt the same way, as he burst into tears. I wonder what went through his head... Åh Hurricane. He received hugs and kisses and still kept on crying. Aaaaaaw...

Håkan has never disappointed me in concert. Whenever it's over I want to go straight to his next gig. I can't wait till October when he's coming to Vega!

We were extremely tired from all the dancing and singing - but at the same time full of energy. So we went straight to see The Flaming Lips and their crazy show. They had dancing Teletubbies on stage...

After the concert we bought "korv med bröd" and sat under one of the trees waiting for Neil Young. Unfortunately he was playing at the same time as Lykke Li - just like at the Roskilde Festival. This time I was more in the mood for Neil (and so was everyone else, poor girl), and I'm gonna see Lykke Li in Copenhagen this Fall...

So we squeezed ourselves through the crowd to get a good spot for the grand finale. After standing there for a while we realized I was standing right next to Ebbot Lundgren! The legend of Soundtrack Of Our Lives! So cool!! And right now I just read in the paper that he said: "It's possibly the best concert I've ever seen in my intire life!" Wow...

I can't think of a more perfect ending to two great days in Slotsskogen! For some reason I liked Neil Young better this time than at Roskilde. But like Eva said, we were more in the mood for it this time.

We walked back to Rubinen and relxaed for a short while, and then we went to Storan for a concert. But it was already full when we got there, so we couldn't get it. We talked about going back and get some sleep. But hell no! Our last night in Gbg... So we went to good old Sticky Fingers and danced all night. It really is "Nästan som hemma". It's not like any club in Copenhagen, fortunately! They played "Kom igen Lena!", "Tonight I have to leave it", "Ramlar" and last but not least "Shoreline". Too good to be true - and so perfect!!! We drank Pripps Blå, talked to funny (and some weird) Swedes and danced. Sticky Fingers, Way Out West och GBG i mitt hjärta!

Song of the day: Håkan Hellström - Ramlar