Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to the bar

Summer break is over and school started again this week. Part of me wants more time off, and part of me likes being back with the gang in the daily routine.
Going back to school means going back to our lovely Friday bar as well. Yesterday there was a party, so we met at Nikolaj's place first to have some drinks and listen to music. The Ark, Superheroes, Oasis and Melody Club.

We were slow as always and arrived fashionably late at the school, so we missed the band. Too bad. But according to the others they were no good, so we didn't really care. It was fun to be back at the bar, which has had a little make over during the summer. Can't decide whether I like it or not. People got drunk and cozy... and some even cuddly. Fun? Yes. Confusing? Absolutely.
I learned that I really do suck at foosball. It would be nice if Joey and Chandler could teach me a few tricks.

I've spent my Saturday feeling "bakfull". But going back to my home town to eat sausages from the barbecue was a very nice cure. And so was emails from Alice.

Song of the day: Lykke Li - Little Bit
How we move from A to B it can't be up to me... Cause I don't know.

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Alice said...

ooh yellous yellous yellous !!
haha "fashionably late" as usual :D

oh do you have pics of the new friday bar ? i mean the new design ?