Saturday, August 02, 2008

Back to reality

I just got back from Sweden. It's been a great week... Extremely relaxing, peaceful and cozy. We'd rented a cute and very typical Swedish house outside Hässleholm.
I spent my time taking pictures, picking berries, making pancakes, listening to Evert Taube and Håkan Hellström, eating ice cream, and reading magazines.

The week went by so fast, and I didn't feel like leaving my favourite country. But I guess I had to - for a few days at least. I'm going to Göteborg with Prinsessan Eva on thursday, and I'm so excited! We're going to the Way Out West festival, and just like last year so many great bands are playing.
But for now I'm back in Denmark - back in reality and far from my Swedish paradise. It's strange to come back and realize that time hasn't been standing still here, even though it felt that way.

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