Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dags att lämna Gbg

Now I'm back home in Denmark. Very tired. And I already miss Göteborg so much!

The train ride was different than usual, because there was no more seats on the Öresundtåg, so we had to go to Alvesta and then take the X2000 to Copenhagen. There was a Danish football team of 12-year-olds in our compartment. They were fun for a while, but also very noisy. So I put my iPod on Håkan-shuffle and turned it up, so I didn't hear the noise from the kids and their card games.

It was so cozy, and once again i felt like travelling all over Sweden . "Tågluff" is a fun activity. I read King (Swedish men's magazine) and news papers full of reviews from Way Out West. The critics really liked Håkan and Neil Young - just like I did.

Prinsessan Eva (i nylackerade skor) listened to Håkan as well...

Being back home is no fun. I miss everything about Göteborg... Håkan, Slotsskogen, Hurricane, hallonpaj, BD, korv, Allén, Avenyn, spårvagnar, SNYGGA POJKAR, Vasastan, långgatorna, Monki, Weekday, Åhléns, konfettiregn, Älvsborgsbron, stans bästa band, och mycket mycket mer...

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