Sunday, August 17, 2008

Malmöfestivalen - part 1

It's become a tradition for me and Eva to go to Malmöfestivalen every August. So yesterday we jumped on the train - or should I say "vi red på Malmö city en lördagsmorgon".
We'd been hoping Håkan would play at the festival this year, like he did back in 2005. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but instead Timo Räisänen did a great show at Stortorget last night.

The concert wasn't until 11:30 PM, so we had plenty of time for other things. We had "Pad Thai med vårruller", which is pretty much a tradition as well. Just like Åhléns, where I finally found a pair of chinos, that I can't wait to wear. We also went to Radical Sports to stare at the Converse shoes I really want.

Mölleplatsen is different this year. Usually there are three stages called Mölle 1, 2 and 3, but now there's only one stage and a tent. We saw Ebbot Lundgren (who seems to be following us, haha) and some other guys play children's songs. It was a little strange, so we went and had some starköl instead.

Thomas Öberg of Bob Hund was playing in the tent with some other people, so we checked that out. But it was incredibly boring and weird, so we left to hang out at Västra Hamnen instead. I love the architecture in that area, and the sky was so pretty.
We had dinner at Lilla Torg and then dessert at Gustav Adolphs Torg.

A few minutes past 11 Timo and the band came out and did their sound check. I almost couldn't believe my own ears, when Niels played the chords from BD's "Shoreline" when playing with his guitar. Seems like I'm not the only one with great memories from Way Out West in my head...

It was the last gig of Timo's tour, so everybody in the band were ecstatic - and so was the crowd! It was so much fun and everyone danced and jumped like crazy. The only not so fun part was when some "tonåring" decided to hug me from behind and grab my ass...! Freaky. Fortunately we managed to move a bit away from him.

Timo wore a T-shirt saying "Jag är bäst". Lack of self-confidence has never been an issue in his world. And why would it? Visst var han bäst...

We had such a good time. Nils was definitely the biggest "fyllo" of the day, hahaha...

Song of the day: Timo Räisänen - My Valentine


Alice said...

Håkan was on swedish TV today :D like a taped radio interview :)

Camilla said...

Oh! And I missed that!? :(