Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Malmöfestivalen - part 2

Today Eva and I went to Malmö again. This time to see Moneybrother at Stora Scenen. When we were in the train somewhere above Øresund, I realized I'd forgotten my camera back home - and so had Eva!! I'd been running around packing for Stockholm all day, so apparently I left the camera somewhere in my mess. So stupid!

So I have no pictures from the concert, and I'm still beating myself in the head. I've borrowed some images from Rockfoto.nu instead.
The concert was really good! It was the third time I saw Moneybrother live, and it was so perfect when he had Ane Brun on stage to sing "It Might As Well Be Now" with him. Such a lovely song. I love her voice.

Moneybrother's band is so funny. The guys playing trumpet and trombone are so entertaining! (And I think one of them is playing with Florence Valentin as well...). I really wanted to take pictures of them - or even record a video of their funky little dance.
One of my favourite songs is "Just another summer", and this time it was pretty much true when he sang "Now the summer is just another summer". So sad to think about that. But I believe there is still a few days left of summer.

We went to buy tickets for Håkan at Mejeriet and Konserthuset, but unfortunately the shop was closed. So I'll try and see if I can buy them tomorrow in Stockholm. I can't wait to go! Jeanette and I are leaving very soon, and it's gonna be so much fun to visit Alice at her new place.

Song of the day: Moneybrother - Just another summer

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