Sunday, August 03, 2008

Som sjömannen älskar havet

Today we went to no less than 5 flea markets. The day turned out quite different from what we had planned, but it was really nice.
We met up with Kirsten at the flea market in Tikøb. It was quite crazy and crowded, but we found some good books - such as Shakepeare's complete works and old books about Sweden. After leaving Tikøb we went to four smaller flea markets in the neighbourhood, and then we went back to Kirsten and Ole's place, which is so incredibly cozy. They live at an old farm surrounded by green fields and trees.

Kirsten suggested that we all went to Gilleleje and had lunch, and as flea market shopping can be quite exhausting we were all up for it. So we went to a cute seafood restaurant by the harbor and ate way too much. The decorations inside were very sailorish and matched my jacket perfectly, as I had little anchors on my sleeves.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the terrace eating jordgubbspaj (strawberry pie) and watching deer in the garden.

Song of the day: Håkan Hellström - Precis som Romeo

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