Saturday, August 23, 2008


Wednesday morning Jeanette and I left Copenhagen to go visit Alice in Stockholm. Hadn't seen her for a month or so. Unfortunately we didn't sit next to each other on the plane, so I pretty much slept all the way to Arlanda.
We met Alice at T-Centralen. We spotted her red hat in the crowd. So cute...

Then we went back to her apartment, and she gave us the grand tour. Jeanette had never been to Sthlm, so we went and saw Gamla Stan, which I just love. Except for all the tourists. We went to SoFo and did a little second hand shopping, and I had to go to Pet Sounds and buy tickets for Håkan at Mejeriet in Lund. I could spend so much money at Pet Sounds if someone let me.

We took the boat to Djurgården and walked around for a while. Till our legs could no longer carry us. Then we jumped on the bus and went to Urban Outfitters. I liked a lot of the things there, but it was unfortunately too much like the one in Cph - over-priced.

Alice made us yummi pasta for dinner, we watched Sex & the City and then fell asleep.

Thursday was wet, but we managed to go on a sightseeing trip on a boat before the rain came down. Afterwards we went shopping, and I finally found the perfect floral dress. I've been looking for one for ages. Jeanette found a cute anchor-ring for me and a dress for herself.

When we were soaking wet, we decided to go back to Alice's place and eat crepes for dinner. And then it was time for a night on the town! I've heard a lot about Debaser, and it sounded really cool, so we went there. I was a bit disappointed though. Almost no cute guys - almost no Swedes. It was weird, because I think it could be such a cool place. But I guess we picked the wrong day. We have to go there on a Saturday sometime. I have a feeling the crowd must be totally different. I didn't expect to meet Italians there...

They closed at 3:00 AM - just when we were having a great time dancing. Some Swedish guys asked us to come along to Hell's Kitchen (such a stupid name for a bar), so we did. I wonder what they were doing at Debaser... They seemed much more like the Stureplan-kinda people. And after talking for a while I realized they were. But it was fun talking to them anyway. At one point we decided to make the great escape and jump in the cab. Enough ;)

Oh, and by the way... Snus?? No thank you!

Yesterday was time for leaving Alice and the sweet city of Stockholm. We had crepes for breakfast. So perfect when you wake up after a night out. We packed our things and jumped on "Tåget som går in till stan" and then caught the Arlanda Express.

At the airport they decided to check my back in as "Odd size luggage", which was quite strange as it went as regular sized luggage from Copenhagen. I didn't shop that much in Stockholm. We boarded and this time we had seats next to each other, and next to a Swedish "gubbe" who asked what we were doing in Stockkholm. For a second I thought to myself: "What are YOU doing in Stockholm?" (Okay, long story - watch the episode of That 70s Show called Canadian Roadtrip). At some point we talked about music, and I told him I listened to Håkan. "Han är en väldigt bra artist!" the gubbe said. (Translation: He's a very good artist!). And he asked if I listened to Broder Daniel as well... Självklart!

The flight went well, and we were quite relieved. We went to get our luggage, but unfortunately mine never arrived. F***! I had to report to the airline, that it was missing, and they told me they'd call me when they found it. I've always feared losing my luggage this way, and now it's happened. So many things are in that bag. Stupid Swedish lady deciding to send me to "Odd size luggage" check-in! So not neccessary. We stayed at the airport and looked for it until I had to jump on the train to Malmö.

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Alice said...

waow what an adventure !!
haha what are YOU doing in canada ?
"what do you think of italian guys ?" well there sleezy !
i managed to sell the 2 bus cards to two girls in central station, for 50 SEK each :) not too bad :)