Friday, August 15, 2008

Summertime at Strandvejen

Today I met with Cecilia and Jeanette at Strandvejen. We sat by the water and ate salmon bagels - our favourite.
We talked about how crazy it is, that our summer break is almost over. We want more free time to have fun and not worry about school, but we have to go back to reality in 10 days. So now it's time to really enjoy the last part of our break.
We went for a bit of shopping, and Cecilia bought a very pretty dress. Then we had ice cream (björnbär - yummi!) from ParadIS.
We agreed that when school starts we have to go out on tuesdays, like we always talked about but just never really did. We have no classes scheduled on wednesdays, so we need to take advantage of that. I can't wait to do this! We also agreed to dress up more, when we go out or when we have parties at the school. Really girly and great fun!

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