Thursday, August 07, 2008

Vi är i Göteborg!

We are here! And it's great. The train ride was fun as always, and it feels great how I can never get enough of it. I could just sit on that train forever and look out the window. Sweden is so pretty.

It's great being back in Gbg. Every time we come here I find it amazing how cool people are, and how incredibly gorgeous the guys are. In my head this is the fashion capital of the world. One day I'll go here and spend a whole day taking street style shots of these people. I simply have to, because it's so inspiring. They are all so stylish and fashionable.

Göteborg is a great place for shopping as well - especially when all the shops have sales. It's so strange how different sales are here. When something is on sale in Denmark, you are lucky if you get a 20% discount, but in Sweden it's crazy! They have 75% discounts!

Any way... We got our bracelets for the festival. And then shopping made us hungry, so after buying sammetsband (velvet ribbon) for a hair bow, we went to Kafé Vanilj and had hallonpaj and björnbärspaj (raspberry pie and blackberry pie). It was so cozy and cute. We have to go there another time for lunch, because it all looked so yummi.

Next stop was one of our favourite shops in Gbg - CD Specialisten (I refuse to call it Rockhouse, even though they changed the name. I'm too nostalgic). I could spend so much money in that place. But this time I only bought a few things - such as badges. Since tomorrow is the goodbye concert of Broder Daniel, I decided I needed a BD-badge, so I got a pretty little grey one. This is one of the reason I love CD Specialisten:

Then we walked to Haga for a bit of second hand shopping. It's one of the prettiest areas in Gbg, and I wouldn't mind living there. Like Alice said - maybe one day I will. Who knows.

We passed by a café where a group of guys were hanging out. They all looked so handsome and were wearing hats. That would never happen in Copenhagen. The Danes' way of dressing is so incredibly boring.

I found the cutest sailor uniform in one of the second hand shops. It was super Swedish. (but I didn't buy it). It made me think of all Evert Taube's old sailor songs.

We had dinner at Smaka on Vasaplatsen. Prinsessan Eva had köttbullar and I had kycklingssallad. We sat and watched the trams go by, and we spotted so many cuties, or should I say "snygga killar". On our way home we took a little detour to the end of Avenyn, where sat in front of Konserthuset and watched the pretty street by night.

I love Göteborg. It's been too long since the last time we were here. Tomorrow it's time for Way Out West, and I can't wait. Broder Daniel, Franz Ferdinand, Sonic Youth, Sigur Rós and Grinderman.

Song of the day: Håkan Hellström - Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg

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