Saturday, August 09, 2008

Way Out West - day 1

After eating too much breakfast at Rubinen this morning, we had a little time for shopping again. So we did that for a while before going to the Way Out West festival. We ran into Joel and Nils at the tram stop. Such a pleasant surprise! (fan, den killen är snygg!)

The weather was great when we arrived at Slotsskogen. So sunny and nice. Not at all like the weather reports had said. We went and bought muffins (sounds so funny when Swedes say it) and sat and watched cool people walk by. Once again I was amazed... The Swedes are so freakin' cool! I took some streetstyle shots:

We went to see The Sonics playing at Linné, and then it was time for Franz Ferdinand at Flamingo. Such a great concert - as always. People were singing along and dancing in the sunshine. Alex said that it had been really rainy yesterday, when they played at the Skanderborg Festival in Denmark, but people were dancing any way. I think we were more lucky though. Festivals are just so much better when the sun is shining.

For dinner we had burgers (that were really could and boring!), and Prinsessan Eva became a filthy little thief! It wasn't her intention though. But it was so funny.

A little rain came down when we went to see Sonic Youth, so we were happy to have brought rain coats.

Once again our feet were tired so we sat by the fence for a while. Recovering and getting ready for the main event of the day - Broder Daniel! A few months ago I was telling Eva that it was so sad, that we never got to see them in concert, and then only a few days later it was announced that they would play one last gig at Way Out West. Unbelievable!

Right before BD we saw Sigur Rós. They did a really nice show - with confetti and sweet music.

At 22:50 everyone was in front of the Flamingo stage. It seemed like all of Göteborg was there, and it was such a pretty night. Det var absolut magiskt, men tragiskt. So many people in the crowd were crying - even the guys. It was so sad to see, but I understand why they felt that way. Imagine seeing your favourite band playing their last concert ever. It was sad, but perfect. Even the rain was perfect. It came down for a short while as they played "When We Were Winning". Henrik looked so sweet in his little cape and hat. He seems to be such a friendly person!

My favourite BD-song is Shoreline, and it was definitely the highlight of the concert, when they played it:

It's sad that they won't be playing any more gigs, but the times have changed, and so has the band...

The first day of this year's Way Out West was fantastic, and I have a feeling tomorrow will be even better. Håkan Hellström live in his home town. What more can you ask for?

Song of the day: Broder Daniel - Shoreline

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