Sunday, August 10, 2008

Way Out West - day 2

Waking up yesterday morning we were extremely tired, but at the same time super excited about the concerts. We ate too much for breakfast again... That damn buffet got us again.

We found out that the area around Slotsskogen can be pretty much like the Bermuda Triangle. The trams don't always go where you expect them to, so we got pretty lost and missed José González. Such a pity. But Sahara Hotnights were cool. (And by the way, living at our hotel). They always wear cool outfits, and this time was no different. Tight and colorful jeans, tanktops and heals.

We went and had some Pripps Blå at the beer area. (Crazy Swedes! I can't believe you have to drink your beer behind a fence). We were both really cold and it was so windy, so we decided to go back to Rubinen for more clothes before the Håkan concert. We got lost in the Slotsskogen triangle again when we went back! And it was so stressful, because the concert was only a few minutes away.

When we finally found our way to the entrance and got through the gates, the guy checking our bags was such an ass. He found Eva's soap bubbles and said we weren't allowed to bring them to the festival. Come on! It's soap bubbles! What could we possibly do with them? It says nowhere in the festival rules, that they aren't allowed. I tried my best with puppy eyes to tell him, that it was just for the Håkan concert. But the guy seemed to have no soul. So we ended up pretending to leave and then sneaking by another bag-checking guy. We made it to the concert on time, but didn't get a very good spot in the crowd. That didn't stop us from having a blast though!

I wore my new dress. (Jag är snabbast på att sno stilen!)

Hurricane Gilbert introduced his friend "Hemmasonen, falsksångaren från Västra Frölunda" - so sweet. The first song was "Tro och tvivel", which I think is my favourite song from the new album. Like all other Håkan-songs, the lyrics are great.

"Det var nästan alltid svart i tankarna på Långedragspaviljongen
Där jag nästan alltid satt med pensionärerna
Under båtsäsongen
Och vi såg på dom unga och glömska i båtar och i varandras armar
Och tänkte skuld och lidande väntar på er fortfarande"

"Glöm det aldrig, Håkan
– Parkbänken e aldrig långt borta"

"Ramlar" got the party started, and everyone were singing and dancing. Definitely one of the best party songs ever! Every time I hear it, I can totally picture Håkan drunk in the streets and clubs of Gbg.

"Jag ramlade in på nåt diskotek
Och sen ramlade jag ut såvitt jag vet
Och jag ramlade omkull och tog mig upp igen, och sen ramlade jag omkull igen"

Another lovely song from the new album is "Jag vet inte vem jag är men jag vet at jag är din". The title is just as long and perfect as "Jag Hatar Att Jag Älskar Dig Och Jag Älskar Dig Så Mycket Att Jag Hatar Mig" from the previous album.

I stopped filming, because I wanted to dance instead. And it's very difficult to keep the camera still, when everyone around you are jumping and dancing too...

I don't like to play favourites with Håkan's songs, but "Brännö Serenad" is definitely in my top three. It's so freakin' sweet! Both the melody and the lyrics... "Jag blir hellre ensam än lycklig med någon annan" ♥

After a few quiet songs, "Förhoppningar och regnbågar" turned into "Klubbland", and once again Prinsessan Eva and I danced along with all the Swedes.

Another one of my favourites is "Hurricane Gilbert" - I think a lot of people (ok, mostly Swedes) agree with me, when I say that it's a masterpiece. A song about Håkan's best friend and guitarist.

Then came the moment we'd all been waiting for: "Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg" all over Slotsskogen. It was great last year, when The Ark played it - but nothing compares to Håkan and his band in their home town. Sorry Ola! Det blev allsång - och det var grymt!!

"Ta mig till kärlek, ta mig till dans
Ge mig nåt som tar mig någonstans
för jag vill veta om kärlek finns"

"En midsommarnatts dröm" used to be my favourite, but I think "Brännö" has taken the lead now. But it's still a great summer song.

I know Alice likes "Kärlek är ett brev skickat tusen gånger", so I filmed it for her.

"Vad jag bryr mig om är att se dig gråta
för jag har gråtit
och du ringde aldrig
Vad jag bryr mig om är att du kallar på mig
även om jag inte kommer tillbaks till dig"

Time went by waaaay too fast, and the band left stage - but Stefan and Håkan came back and played "Nu kan du få mig så lätt". I love the live version of this song, and I wish they would release it, so I could listen to it on my iPod.

"Det var så mörkt
Den kvällen jag gick hem
Jag hade hoppats på något,
hoppats på något
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig så lätt
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig så lätt
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig så lätt
Om du vill ha mig, nu kan du få mig
Lura mig nej nej vad folk än säger"

The rest of the band came back out and played "För en lång, lång tid". Dance, dance, dance again.

One last explosion seemed to happen, when they played "Kom igen Lena" and a big confetti cloud was sprayed all over the crowd. It was so pretty and perfect!! I didn't want that moment to end...

Vi blev barn på nytt igen i ett konfettiregn!

The last song was "Det är så jag säger det", and Håkan was telling sweet stories. To me this song has "GBG" written all over it. It was a perfect moment to end a perfect (but short - only 13 songs) concert, and I think Daniel Gilbert felt the same way, as he burst into tears. I wonder what went through his head... Åh Hurricane. He received hugs and kisses and still kept on crying. Aaaaaaw...

Håkan has never disappointed me in concert. Whenever it's over I want to go straight to his next gig. I can't wait till October when he's coming to Vega!

We were extremely tired from all the dancing and singing - but at the same time full of energy. So we went straight to see The Flaming Lips and their crazy show. They had dancing Teletubbies on stage...

After the concert we bought "korv med bröd" and sat under one of the trees waiting for Neil Young. Unfortunately he was playing at the same time as Lykke Li - just like at the Roskilde Festival. This time I was more in the mood for Neil (and so was everyone else, poor girl), and I'm gonna see Lykke Li in Copenhagen this Fall...

So we squeezed ourselves through the crowd to get a good spot for the grand finale. After standing there for a while we realized I was standing right next to Ebbot Lundgren! The legend of Soundtrack Of Our Lives! So cool!! And right now I just read in the paper that he said: "It's possibly the best concert I've ever seen in my intire life!" Wow...

I can't think of a more perfect ending to two great days in Slotsskogen! For some reason I liked Neil Young better this time than at Roskilde. But like Eva said, we were more in the mood for it this time.

We walked back to Rubinen and relxaed for a short while, and then we went to Storan for a concert. But it was already full when we got there, so we couldn't get it. We talked about going back and get some sleep. But hell no! Our last night in Gbg... So we went to good old Sticky Fingers and danced all night. It really is "Nästan som hemma". It's not like any club in Copenhagen, fortunately! They played "Kom igen Lena!", "Tonight I have to leave it", "Ramlar" and last but not least "Shoreline". Too good to be true - and so perfect!!! We drank Pripps Blå, talked to funny (and some weird) Swedes and danced. Sticky Fingers, Way Out West och GBG i mitt hjärta!

Song of the day: Håkan Hellström - Ramlar

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