Monday, September 22, 2008

Just another summer

Fall is definitely here, and Summer is gone. It's so cold and dark outside. It almost seems like we went straight from Summer to Winter.

I cut off my festival bracelets some days ago...

Some of the best memories are definitely from Way Out West and Roskilde.

It has been a great summer, and I keep wishing it wasn't over. This afternoon a train to Göteborg stopped at Hellerup station when I was waiting to go home. I felt like running to the other platform and jump in, so I could go to my favourite city. But reality seemed to stop me, unfortunately.

Song of the day: Moneybrother - Just Another Summer
Now the summer is just another summer
And your lover is just another lover...

1 comment:

Alice said...

such a cool photo, it's such a symbol..
it's so sad to think that it's just another summer now..
but Autumn and Winter can be so cosy as well, smoke fire in the air, fresh wind, cosy tea times, wooly hats and scarf, chestnuts...