Saturday, September 13, 2008

A trip to Malmö

Some days ago Eva tried to convince me to borrow daddy's car, so we could drive to Malmö. But that turned out to be unnecessary, when Karen called me asking if I wanted to borrow her car this weekend, as she was flying to Berlin. Who can say no to that?
So today Eva and I jumped in the Punto and went shopping in Malmö city. It was a nice and sunny day, and the view from Öresundsbron was lovely.

We have a favourite place that we always go to for lunch. It's called Bageri Caféet, and they serve the best chicken bagels (and cookies for dessert). But we realized something very sad: they are closing! We were very lucky to eat there one last time. Today was the last day they were open. Det är hemsk, men det är sant.

It's such a cute little place right in the corner of Saluhallen. Malmö won't be the same without it...

After lunch we went shopping and playing. I had fun with the water in the canal, and we went to Monki, Weekday, Åhléns, Designtorget, Granit and Lagerhaus. And last but not least we went to ICA Maxi, because we wanted to bring home some Norrlands Guld and Pripps Blå.

Driving home was even prettier than the trip over there this morning. We crossed the bridge at sunset, and the sky was pink.

Song of the day: Bo Kaspers Orkester - I Samma Bil
Tusen år och tusen mil, vi sitter i samma bil.
Om det här är vad du vill, kan jag åka tusen till.

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Alice said...

what a lovely day :D