Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girls dream

One of the blogs I recommend is UnderbaraClara. Sweden and Swedes inspire me so much, and I love following this blog. It's cute, innocent, dreamy and very Swedish.
Pretty much all little girls dream about their wedding and what it would look like. UnderbaraClara recently had a real wedding, but it was so pretty it seemed like a dream.

The blog is in Swedish, but I think it must be quite fascinating even if you don't understand the language. Just look at the pictures. It's impossible not to start dreaming...

Another blog I can't stay away from is Nio Till Fem. It's a cute little universe full of fashion, dreams and inspiration.


Alice said...

ok this is weird, cause i discoverd the first blog yesterday !!

and i saw Sandra from Niotillfem in the street today !! i stared at her and said "Oh !" but then i realised she didn't know me ! haha so lame !

sommerfuglesjael said...

Haha, så er jeg i det mindste ikke den eneste, der har det sådan med Sverige! :-) Følger også begge de blogs, du har nævnt.