Thursday, November 06, 2008

7 random things about me

I have been tagged by Alice, so now I have to tell you 7 random things about myself.

1. I sailors.
Sailors are cute, handsome, adventurous and lovely. Give me stripes in red, white and blue. Give me buttons and cute little hats. And don't forget anchors!
Nautical fashion is what I love and can't stop buying. I simply love sailors.

2. I play and coach basketball.
Most people are surprised when I tell them. I guess it's because I'm only 165 cm tall. But I've played basketball since I was about 9 or 10 years old, and for the past four years I've coached a team of teenage boys.

3. I've taught myself to speak Swedish.
And write as well. Of course it's not perfect, but I have fooled a lot of people to think I'm actually Swedish. I guess I thought the language was beautiful, and I listen to a lot of Swedish music, so it just sort of came to me somehow...

4. I'm starting to freak out.
...about my future. I'm graduating at the end of January, and I don't know what I'm gonna do from that day on. I'm gonna apply to a couple of school that I really want to attend, but it seems hopeless. It seems like only yesterday was the first day of school, and now we're graduating. I will miss my school so much. Not because of the teachers or the classes, but because of my friends. It's so weird to think about how we won't see each other so often anymore. I will miss our many, many laughs, our girly g
ossips, our Friday bar, our parties... And so many other things. Oh sadness!

5. I buy a lot of magazines.
Mostly when I go to Sweden, because they are cheaper there.

6. Someone recently told me that I look a lot like Chloe Sevigny.
At first I found it a bit odd, and I wasn't flattered. I think she wears some really weird outfits sometimes and doesn't look too pretty. But then I googled her and realized, that she can actually be really beautiful and cool. I don't mind looking like her, if I look like this...

7. I go to concerts all the time.
Music means so much to me. I love live music - especially when I can enjoy it with friends and my sweet sister Eva. We go to concerts all over Copenhagen and Sweden.

I'm gonna tag: Jesse, Charmerande and Mirthe


Alice said...

yay !! perfect 7 things !!
i a happy to see i knew all of them :D
exept the chloe thing, hey, there is definately something there ! but you way prettier, really !

existens i atmosfären? said...

kollade på snygga outfits och kom till din fina stildagbok! randigt, my name, på modette... kolla in

tackar tackar härligt roligt när NÅGON gillar det man skriver!!!

nej gud va glad jag blir, men ärligt, vad är tagga, jag har aldrig riktigt fattat grejen...

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for tagging me I will tag some friends this Sunday my time here in San Diego...

Basketball? awesome and you look way prettier than that model....