Thursday, November 20, 2008

People on the train

When you take the train to work or school every day, you get to a point where you start recognizing people on your way. I've been taking the train every morning and afternoon for quite a while now, and I recoqnize some people again and again... The business man always wearing his J. Lindeberg belt and leather jacket. The three African guys, who always seem to be overly excited about something - but that's just my guess, I don't understand a word of their conversation. Sometimes I run into Emilie. And then there are the kids playing Nintendo and of course the fashionable (and very cute) guy, who might be coming straight from Gbg every day. He looks so Swedish.
But the one person that makes me wonder the most is this young skinny guy I see on my way home sometimes. He is always carrying a flower bouquet. I wonder who it's for. Sometimes it's roses, and sometimes it's other flowers that I don't know the name of. Strange, but very sweet. Who do you think the flowers are for?

Song of the day: Moneybrother – Downtown Train (Tåget som går in till stan)

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Alice said...

!! funny !
maybe he works in a flower store, and he's alowed to bring back flowers at home when they're a bit too old to be sold ?