Monday, December 01, 2008

A night with Teitur

There was a great concert at the Opera House in Copenhagen last night. Sweet Teitur with his sweet songs. We dressed up for this very special occassion, sat on the balchony and enjoyed a beautiful night. It was the perfect blogable moment - but we weren't allowed to take pictures. I'm so sorry, I would have loved to share the moment.
Never have I seen Teitur look this adorable. He was wearing a white shirt, braces, tight pants, a hat and dancing shoes. It almost seemed a bit Håkan-inspired. His voice is amazing, and the Opera House was just the right place for him. Only one thing bothered me - people clapping their hands to the music, when he sang Catherine The Waitress. It completely ruined the song that I love so much. It was impossible to hear the music. Such a pity.
My favourite songs of the night were I Was Just Thinking and The Singer. I hope to find some reviews soon, so I can post some pictures from this lovely concert.


Alice said...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!! lucky you !!!!!!!

i HAVE to see him again !!!
oh my it would make me think of last time we saw him, i am sure i would cry so much..
The Singer is so beautiful and inspired, i am listening to it right now, and i can picture Tivoli, and you girls, it was such a nice moment, aaw :( <3

ps i taged you, sweet sweet cutie :)

Alice said...

ps, i am SO STUPID, i missed his show in Stockholm on the 25th of November !!!!!!!! doh !!