Friday, December 19, 2008

Tag : 7 more things about me

Alice tagged me some time ago, and now I finally have time to do this. I'll tell you 7 more random things about myself.

1. I miss summertime in Hässleholm.

2. I love buying sweet drinks that comes in cute bottles...

3. I enjoy long train rides.

4. I have a thing for skinny guys in skinny jeans.

5. I like sitting in my living room listening to Swedish folk songs.

6. I wish I had smaller feet, so I, like Cecilia, could buy shoes at the children's department.

7. I love wearing men's shirts.


Alice said...

perfect 7 things !!!

i love the song <3

Sweden, small feet and skinny guys : YaY !!


Jesse Mendez said...

Hi there how are you? I just wanted to stop by and say hello and so hello...LOL I also have something for you at my blog, so when you are ready click here and pick up your award. I am very grateful for your friendship on my blog and yours.

Jesse Noe