Saturday, January 31, 2009

Swedish dream - part 1

Eva and I have a dream. Well, in fact we have many dreams, but one of them is about trains. "Tågluff" is one of our favourite activities, and I feel that I could travel across countries for weeks and do nothing but look out a train window. What we would really love to do is travel all over Norway and Sweden and all the way to Finland by train. It must be the most amazing trip. Can you imagine?

Thank you

Photo from deviantART

Thank you for not breaking my heart

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A sad goodbye

Our very sweet friend is moving to Norway in a few days, and we're all so sad about it. We're doing all we can to keep him here, but I don't think it's gonna work. Who is gonna help us when we're in trouble, and who is gonna party with us and make us laugh all the time? I don't want to say goodbye. It makes me so sad.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nick & Norah

Dani and I had brunch yesterday in Copenhagen and afterwards we went to see Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Perfectly cozy and a very cute movie with a great soundtrack. There was even a song by Shout Out Louds - yay!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ironic - part 2

I went out to dinner with Cecilia and Jeanette last night. We had really nice food and smoothies at this new restaurant in Copenhagen, and we talked and gossiped. It was so nice to just hang out without school work and deadlines...
I wore my Radiohead t-shirt from Roskilde saying "No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts" as "House of cards" is one of my favourite songs. Then a strange thing happened; the song plays from the radio all over the restaurant - twice. I found it very odd and ironic to hear those lyrics out loud... especially at times like these. I think irony is chasing me.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Graduation did come with a whole lot of celebration this week. I'm quite exhausted now, and my feet hurt so bad...
I actually think I have potato feet, Alice!

Friday was the day of the graduation ceremony, dinner and party at our school. Our very last party together - how sad is that? It did bring some tears but also a lot of fun. I got a very unexpected award at the ceremony - and of course the diploma.

Now we are all stuck with this strange feeling of emptiness.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Graduation = Celebration?

I graduated today! Can you believe it? I can't!
We had our last exam this morning, and it involved quite a lot of nerves. Honestly, it didn't go the way we expected. We got a good grade - but it just wasn't as good as last time, so we were a bit disappointed. Mostly because we didn't understand why. It seemed unfair. Part of me wants to write a lot about it so you understand, but on the other hand I'm thinking - hey, we graduated! So I think I'm just gonna do the short version and be happy and relieved that it's over.
Graduating makes you feel weird. It's nice to be done with it all and have a title and education, but at the same time it's so scary. What's gonna happen next? Where will we go? What will we do?
We have struggled a lot with projects and teachers, but we have had a blast. I really don't like the thought of not seeing my friends every day now, and I'm really gonna miss the atmosphere.
Now comes a time full of celebrations and parties, which I think we deserve. But not very far away reality awaits with a life a bit more serious and decisions to be made. Can we please press hold for a moment? I'm not sure if I'm ready for all this.

Song of the day: Johnossi - Press Hold

Friday, January 16, 2009

Come sunshine

Isabel Marant makes me dream of Summer.

It's Friday night and I'm stuck at home studying for the final exam on Monday. I tend to do all kinds of other things instead though - such as blogging, eating, listening to music and just thinking. My head is full of thoughts...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fire alarm

I am getting really sick of playing this game...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Colours of Sweden

1: ASOS 2: Forever 21 3: American Apparel 4: ASOS 5: Forever 21 6: Forever 21 7: Forever 21 8: Forever 21 9: Topshop

Jag bidar tiden och det kommer ta tid

Like Alice says - sometimes a song talks to you. These days it is mostly this one.

Säkert! - Någon Gång Måste Du Bli Själv

Det här vet du inte om
Men jag väntar på dig
Någon gång måste du bli själv
Och jag väntar på dig
Jag bidar tiden och det kommer ta tid
Jag har inte sagt något än
Men jag väntar, väntar

Du är inte så fin
Men det är nåt med dig
Som att komma hem
Första gången ja, du sa hej
Det är så logiskt alla fattar utom du
Du har inte en aning
Att jag tänker på dig precis just nu

Någon gång måste du bli själv
Någon gång måste du bli själv

Hon har ett falskt leende
Jag har sett det
Hur har du undgått det alla de här åren
Och jag har sett dina pupiller växer
När du är med mig
Du vet inte om det än
Det kommer att bli du och jag

Någon gång måste du bli själv
Någon gång måste du bli själv
Någon gång måste du bli själv

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changing my thoughts

These days seem weird, but soon it will be time for us girls to rock out and dance the nights away. I'm gonna have to stop thinking so much about certain things and just relax and see what the future will bring... Time heals all wounds, right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We had a party at my place last night. Drank beer, played silly card games, listened to great music, danced all night, and fell asleep...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Recent buys

I couldn't stay away from the January sales going on these days, so I bought this:

Top and skirt by Topshop and shoes by Jessica Simpson (Yes, Jessica Simpson - I was wondering as well, but apparently she's designing shoes now.)

Monday, January 05, 2009

En dag att bli kär på

Today was a really beautiful day in Copenhagen. It was one of those clear Winter days. Really cold but with bright sunshine and a clear blue sky, and there was even that great smell of Winter in the air.
I really don't mind the cold. I think I have been smiling all day.

Photo from deviantART

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Frequently asked questions

Certain questions keep coming to me from different people all the time. I don't mind answering most of them again and again... But anyway - if you were wondering:

Am I Swedish or Danish?
I'm Danish, but sometimes I wish to be Swedish. My great grandmother was Swedish, but she died before I was born, so I never knew her. So I guess I have a bit of Swedish blood in me, but it's not much.

Why am I blogging in English?
I started this blog, because my French friend Alice convinced me to do it, and we usually speak English together. And my Swedish is not really that good, so I would have quite a tough time blogging in Swedish.

If I like Swedish music, do I listen to Boten Anna?
No. Most of the music I listen to is Swedish, but that doesn't mean I like ALL Swedish music. To be honest I think Boten Anna is one of the worst songs ever made.

Why don't I move to Malmö?
Well, I see why people ask me this. Malmö is in Sweden and yet very close to my hometown of Copenhagen, but to me Malmö just isn't Swedish enough. It's missing most of the Swedish charm that I like so much, and it is just so different from my two favourite cities Göteborg and Stockholm.

Why do I love Sweden so much?
It's hard to describe. I have always travelled a lot to Sweden with my family, and I listen to a lot of Swedish music. I like their mentality and kindness, which seems very different from Denmark. And one of my favourite things about coming to Sweden is fashion, because I find that Swedes have an awesome sense of style. Last but not least there is the language. I have never heard a sweeter language than Swedish.

How did I learn to speak Swedish?
I pretty much taught myself. I think it all started when I began listening to Håkan Hellström. The songs were so great that I just had to know what they were about. So I mostly just learned from listening to music, reading lyrics, watching TV, reading magazines and talking to Swedes.

Song of the day: Håkan Hellström - Brännö Serenad

Vad vet du om månljuset?
förrän du blivit sönderslagen under det...
Och vad vet du om gryningen?
Förrän du mött varje morgon, med sömnlösa ögon...

Vad vet du om solen?
Förrän nån släckt alla ljusen...
Och vad vet du om att inte vilja vakna längre?
Ni kommer få se er ungdom ruttna framför er...

Och vad vet du om kärleken?
Förrän du förgäves hatat den...
Och vad vet du om hur hjärtat kan bränna?
För kärlek som aldrig kan dö, men inte heller leva...

Hon kommer aldrig tillbaka
Hon kommer aldrig tillbaka

Det är mitt eget fel
Vad som än händer med mitt hjärta
För jag har alltid vetat att du skulle stanna (Stanna!)
Jag blir hellre ensam än lycklig med någon annan

Sprid ut bensinen över solnedgången
Riv ner staden
Häll ut havet ända bort till horisonten
Tysta ner musiken, hon kommer aldrig hit igen

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Looking back

Like many others I can't believe it's 2009 already. 2008 was an eventful year.
Let's look back...

In January we had exams, and I cut my hair and finally got bangs.

We went skiing in Italy. Same procedure as every year.

February was mostly about school and Friday bars.

In March we gathered the old gang. It was great seeing everyone again, and it's funny how little we all seemed to have changed.

Tågluff till Malmö, where we had a short meeting with Håkan. We talked about Roskilde, and he got a rose from someone.

Then Håkan came to Copenhagen in April, and we got to hear Minnen Av Aprilhimlen live.

In May we celebrated my birthday by putting together my huge closet in my new apartment.

Later we had a girls' night out to celebrate both Jeanette's and my birthdays.

I had my first real party at the apartment in June. We celebrated handing in the 3rd semester exam project.

Time came when we had to say goodbye to three of our dear friends, who left for Brazil, Poland and Sweden. This was actually why Aprilgatan came to life.

It was the end of 3rd semester and time for summer break.

July gave us a warm and sunny Roskilde Festival full of music, laughs, memories... and gypsies.

We had a cocktail party on the roof.

came the sad day when Alice left for Stockholm. But we had so many good times together before she left.

I went to Hässleholm and relaxed for a while. Vi plockade hallon.

In August I went to Kulhuse with the girls.

Tågluff again. This time to Göteborg and Way Out West, Broder Daniel, Håkan Hellström and so much more.

Malmöfestivalen and loads of Pad Thai and Pripps Blå.

Jeanette and I went to Stockholm to visit Alice.

In September it was time to go back to school. It was nice seeing everyone again.

Then Carina left Copenhagen to go to Spain and study.

Eva and I drove to Lund to see Håkan at Mejeriet.

October called for Oktoberfest, huge beers and German rubbish talk.

We took a short trip to a place that we used to visit a lot more than we did this year. It's sad how things have turned out.

It was a busy and tough time in the fall. But good friends and guitars cheered me up.

We managed to save Pumpehuset, and I finally got the news I had been hoping to hear.

The first snow came down in November, and we spent most of the time at school.

The first half of December was pretty much nothing but school work, but we squeezed in a Christmas Party.

We finally handed in our graduation project and got some sleep, and then came Christmas.

It is time to start fresh now that a new year has begun. I wonder what it will bring - for both me, my family and my friends. My hopes are up and my eyes are open.