Saturday, January 03, 2009

Frequently asked questions

Certain questions keep coming to me from different people all the time. I don't mind answering most of them again and again... But anyway - if you were wondering:

Am I Swedish or Danish?
I'm Danish, but sometimes I wish to be Swedish. My great grandmother was Swedish, but she died before I was born, so I never knew her. So I guess I have a bit of Swedish blood in me, but it's not much.

Why am I blogging in English?
I started this blog, because my French friend Alice convinced me to do it, and we usually speak English together. And my Swedish is not really that good, so I would have quite a tough time blogging in Swedish.

If I like Swedish music, do I listen to Boten Anna?
No. Most of the music I listen to is Swedish, but that doesn't mean I like ALL Swedish music. To be honest I think Boten Anna is one of the worst songs ever made.

Why don't I move to Malmö?
Well, I see why people ask me this. Malmö is in Sweden and yet very close to my hometown of Copenhagen, but to me Malmö just isn't Swedish enough. It's missing most of the Swedish charm that I like so much, and it is just so different from my two favourite cities Göteborg and Stockholm.

Why do I love Sweden so much?
It's hard to describe. I have always travelled a lot to Sweden with my family, and I listen to a lot of Swedish music. I like their mentality and kindness, which seems very different from Denmark. And one of my favourite things about coming to Sweden is fashion, because I find that Swedes have an awesome sense of style. Last but not least there is the language. I have never heard a sweeter language than Swedish.

How did I learn to speak Swedish?
I pretty much taught myself. I think it all started when I began listening to Håkan Hellström. The songs were so great that I just had to know what they were about. So I mostly just learned from listening to music, reading lyrics, watching TV, reading magazines and talking to Swedes.

Song of the day: Håkan Hellström - Brännö Serenad

Vad vet du om månljuset?
förrän du blivit sönderslagen under det...
Och vad vet du om gryningen?
Förrän du mött varje morgon, med sömnlösa ögon...

Vad vet du om solen?
Förrän nån släckt alla ljusen...
Och vad vet du om att inte vilja vakna längre?
Ni kommer få se er ungdom ruttna framför er...

Och vad vet du om kärleken?
Förrän du förgäves hatat den...
Och vad vet du om hur hjärtat kan bränna?
För kärlek som aldrig kan dö, men inte heller leva...

Hon kommer aldrig tillbaka
Hon kommer aldrig tillbaka

Det är mitt eget fel
Vad som än händer med mitt hjärta
För jag har alltid vetat att du skulle stanna (Stanna!)
Jag blir hellre ensam än lycklig med någon annan

Sprid ut bensinen över solnedgången
Riv ner staden
Häll ut havet ända bort till horisonten
Tysta ner musiken, hon kommer aldrig hit igen

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Hazel said...

Det er sjovt, efter at jeg er begyndt at læse så mange svenske blogs, er jeg nærmest begyndt at føle, at Sverige mere er en landsdel end et andet land, og at dansk og svensk er dialekter af hinanden :-)