Thursday, January 01, 2009

Looking back

Like many others I can't believe it's 2009 already. 2008 was an eventful year.
Let's look back...

In January we had exams, and I cut my hair and finally got bangs.

We went skiing in Italy. Same procedure as every year.

February was mostly about school and Friday bars.

In March we gathered the old gang. It was great seeing everyone again, and it's funny how little we all seemed to have changed.

Tågluff till Malmö, where we had a short meeting with Håkan. We talked about Roskilde, and he got a rose from someone.

Then Håkan came to Copenhagen in April, and we got to hear Minnen Av Aprilhimlen live.

In May we celebrated my birthday by putting together my huge closet in my new apartment.

Later we had a girls' night out to celebrate both Jeanette's and my birthdays.

I had my first real party at the apartment in June. We celebrated handing in the 3rd semester exam project.

Time came when we had to say goodbye to three of our dear friends, who left for Brazil, Poland and Sweden. This was actually why Aprilgatan came to life.

It was the end of 3rd semester and time for summer break.

July gave us a warm and sunny Roskilde Festival full of music, laughs, memories... and gypsies.

We had a cocktail party on the roof.

came the sad day when Alice left for Stockholm. But we had so many good times together before she left.

I went to Hässleholm and relaxed for a while. Vi plockade hallon.

In August I went to Kulhuse with the girls.

Tågluff again. This time to Göteborg and Way Out West, Broder Daniel, Håkan Hellström and so much more.

Malmöfestivalen and loads of Pad Thai and Pripps Blå.

Jeanette and I went to Stockholm to visit Alice.

In September it was time to go back to school. It was nice seeing everyone again.

Then Carina left Copenhagen to go to Spain and study.

Eva and I drove to Lund to see Håkan at Mejeriet.

October called for Oktoberfest, huge beers and German rubbish talk.

We took a short trip to a place that we used to visit a lot more than we did this year. It's sad how things have turned out.

It was a busy and tough time in the fall. But good friends and guitars cheered me up.

We managed to save Pumpehuset, and I finally got the news I had been hoping to hear.

The first snow came down in November, and we spent most of the time at school.

The first half of December was pretty much nothing but school work, but we squeezed in a Christmas Party.

We finally handed in our graduation project and got some sleep, and then came Christmas.

It is time to start fresh now that a new year has begun. I wonder what it will bring - for both me, my family and my friends. My hopes are up and my eyes are open.

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Alice said...

oh what a great great post !!!
so much happend indeed ! so many good memories, i feel like my time in Dk was all holidays... <3

i sincerely wish happiness for you and your sweet family and friends :)
say happy new year to sweet Lasse, Grete and Eva <3

and long life to Aprilgatan !!