Saturday, March 21, 2009

Summer is going to take the pain away

Last night we went to see Franz Ferdinand, and afterwards we danced to Blur, The Clash, The Kills - and even Shout Out Louds. Such a nice time.
Today I am just lazy. I spend my time reading Swedish blogs, listening to Hello Saferide and dreaming of Summer. Yesterday we passed by two young guys in the streets of Vesterbro, and I heard one of them talk about that first day of Summer, when you can go out without a jacket or coat. I can't wait for that day to come. There really is something magical about it. The past days have been sunny, so fortunately Summer doesn't seem that far away anymore, and now that I have bought my ticket to Roskilde Festival I can almost taste the bagels, hear the music... and smell the pee(!).

If you wonder which blogs I've been reading I can give you a few examples. Check out Nordell
and Smosch. And I have been reading the journal on Hello Saferide's website. It is so great! Annika Norlin seems to be such a kind, clever and witty person with a great sense of humour and a lot of great stories to tell. Not only does she write perfect songs, but she also posts the loveliest things on the website. I quote:

"When I was blond I got Kylie Minogue about 4635423456 times. Which would have been nice if I hadn’t been smart enough to realise that makes me the fatter, uglier version of Kylie. I would rather be the better looking Meatloaf, hell, the healthier Shane MacGowan for all I care."


"She gave me an apple. It had a worm in it, but I ate it anyway to prevent bad feelings between Sweden and the Baltic states."

You gotta love her.

I'm getting really fed up with unemployment, and I want to meet new people and learn new stuff. Weird things keep happening to me. A few days ago I was going home from the city when they forgot to stop the train at my station. Can you believe it? I couldn't. It was the strangest thing. I mean, I understand the bus driver missing a stop, but the train?! I had to walk home from the next station in the cold, cold rain.

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