Thursday, June 18, 2009

The good, the bad... and the same old

I finally got a job, and I am so happy about it. In August I will start working at a luxury vintage store! I will be in charge of the website and online shop, and I will be selling luxury vintage clothing. I think it is quite perfect, and I am very excited. Nice to finally get some good news.

But yesterday I got some horrible news as well. I found out that the terrible rumour I heard some time ago was true. It is a crazy world we live in...

I am really glad to have gotten the new job, because I really need some new things to happen. I am sick of some people disappointing me again and again, and boredom is simply too useless for me.

Roskilde is so close now, and it has been announced that Håkan will play at the Orange Stage, which is so freakin' awesome! I cannot wait. It will be the biggest party this Summer.


Hazel said...

Tillykke med jobbet og med blog-fødselsdagen! Godt klaret :) Håber, at det andet ikke er alt for seriøst/går i orden/hvad der nu end er brug for.

Har i øvrigt linket dig på min blog :)

Alice said...

woaw !!! such a GREAT job !!!!!!!!
how long is your contract there ?? and wich store is it ?

what an ass

yeah !! Håkan on the orange stage is the best concert god could send you :D