Monday, September 28, 2009

Awkward much?

Today it was time for confrontation.

I'm usually not a violent person, but today I kinda felt like hitting someone.

A familiar Swedish face

Look who I found on CopenhagenStreetStyle:

My favourite Swede! Yay!

Sunday, September 27, 2009





I think I need those things...


I finally got a Spotify account, so now I can listen to even more great music.
Right now I'm listening to Bon Iver and instead of studying I dream of Sundays more like this...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pirate days

For the past four days we have been living as pirates and drinking loads of beer.

And taking naps in the sunshine...

Cozy, fun and crazy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bo på tåget

I just discovered the cutest hostel ever. I have to go stay there someday. It is located in Lund.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Getaway

My classes were cancelled yesterday, so I decided to take the day off and go here...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I feel so lucky... This is where I go to school every day.

I can't really believe it. Can you?

I really like it there. We get to do so many cool things.
We play and invent crazy stuff.

And last week we had an interview-a-gubbe-day.

Next week we'll be going on an introduction trip - and we will all be dressed as pirates! It's all gonna be about drinking beer, having fun and getting to know each other. Exciting! Let me know if you have any ideas for a pirate outfit. I'm trying to come up with something really good.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I don't know you anymore

Have you ever had a friend who turned out to be a complete coward?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gbg ♥

Finally. I have time for Aprilgatan again. A lot has been going on. Well, mostly university has been going on, but it's fun.

Now let me tell you about Göteborg.

Prinsessan Eva and I arrived on a Wednesday. Stupid DSB or what ever it was cancelled our train when we got to Malmö, so we had to get there by bus instead. So not the same. We love train rides. When we finally arrived and checked in to our hotel, everything was perfect. Felt so great being back in our favourite city.
We went straight for some shopping, and in the evening we had dinner at Sjöbaren. It was so good! Prinsessan was wearing her new sequin sweater.

Then we went to Hemma Hos, which is the cutest bar, and had a beer. Norrlands Guld of course.

I can't describe how much I love this city.
Fina Allén...

Och Vasaplatsens Grill där man äter korv sent på natten.

We took a late night walk down Avenyn.

Thursday we did some more shopping and got our wristbands.

And we went to Saluhallen for lunch. For some reason we had never been there before, even though we have visited Gbg sooo many times. Everything was so cute in there. We sat down by the counter at Kåges Hörna and had pannbiff. So yummy!

Vid soppköket var det gubbhäng.

By the canal there were pretty sailor flags, which reminded me of our camp at Roskilde.

We discovered a Designers Remix store and did some more shopping. (Tjoho, det blir alltid väldigt mycket shopping i Gbg).

Teddybears were everywhere.

On our way to the Whyred store we heard some music coming from a backyard. We went to check it out, and it turned out be a lovely band playing at Da Matteo. We just had to stay there! So we had a cute little drink of juice.

Det blev ståhäng ett litet tag.

Tradition is important and as always we "fikade" at Café Vanilj. Som vanligt blev det paj med alldeles för mycket vaniljsås.

This year Kulturkalaset var på gång. And that meant Hello Saferide live at Götaplatsen! So awesome!! I had been looking forward to this for so long! Quite a lot of people gathered at the end of Avenyn to see Annika and the band.

Hon var så himla fin att jag nästan grät. Sjukt vackert.

We rushed on to Kanaltorget where Almedal were playing.
Someone had done a very cute sign.

A quick bite before it was time to dance.

For so long I have wanted to hear "Och Alla Platserna" live. With Almedal of course. Håkan has played it several times.

Verkligen finfina pojkar. Felt like hugging every one of them.
We danced danced danced. It was a perfect Gbg night.

And it wasn't over yet...

We rushed to Kajskjul 8, because Theo was playing, but when we got there, there was a huge line of people outside. We decided to stay, because there were other concerts afterwards. A "secret artist" was to play the last concert that night, and we were so curious. Who could it be? Håkan maybe? Or who?
We waited and waited, and we could hear the concert starting, but we couldn't here who it was... We finally got in and... Det var ju Timo!!

Hur grymt som helst verkligen! More dancing went on.
Then we had a few beers and realized that Labbe, Oscar, Björn, Fredrik and Simon were there. How cool!
Unfortunately they closed, but we weren't ready to go home. We made a new Scanian friend and decided to go to Kelly's with him. But apparently everything closes early on Thursdays in Gbg - even Kelly's! We went to another bar, but it closed as well. Someone told us about a place called Nef or something like that. It should be open, they said, so we started searching for it. It seemed it should be just near by where we were, but we walked and walked. We asked several people how to get there, and they all gave us different directions. Silly drunken Swedes.
We went into another bar that was closing and asked one of the bartenders how to get to Nef. He was kind enough to draw us a map, and we were so happy. But even with the map we couldn't find it... I'm beginning to think it was an urban legend.

This is one of many ways you don't get to Nef...

We ended up going home at 3 am and getting some sleep.

Friday it was finally time for Way Out West and Timo again. Not one of his best gigs as he had brought along three chorus girls who totally ruined the rock 'n' roll sound and feeling.

Men vi älskar dig ändå, Timo.

We sat down and had ice cream.

This years best concert was definitely Band Of Horses. I LOVED it. In perfect afternoon sunshine.

Glasvegas were great too. Third gig I've seen - best one so far.

Arctic Monkeys closed the first day at Slotsskogen. Right before the concert we met what seemed to be the real Svante. Han var lika sur iallafall.

Saturday was a bit rainy, but who cares when you have Vampire Weekend?

We ran to see Florence Valentin...

In our rain boots...

Slotsskogen is so pretty. Lovely place to have a festival.

The last gig we saw was My Bloody Valentine.

Tack för i år, Way Out West.

There were no more concerts at Slotskogen but a few ones left at the clubs. So we went out in the rain (Gbg-regn) and got in line by Pustervik. It was so freakin' cold, windy and wet, and we were too late. They couldn't fit any more people inside. So we didn't get to dance at Pustervik this year either. So sad.

Sunday was our last day in Gbg, so we took another ride on the tram.

And went to Sjöfartsmuseet! Weeeee, sailors!

We had paj for lunch at Le Petit Café, which is the cutest little place.
I spotted a chocolate cake that we HAD to taste, and oh my...! It was so good! Med hallon och blåbär.

Having to go home was so not fun. We just wanted to stay. Usually going home from Gbg sucks, but this time seemed even worse. I'm not sure why... Men ibland är Sverige ju så vackert att det gör ont.

Sista fika.

Och sen satt vi på tåget åt Köpenhamn och lyssnade på Timo, åt polkagrisar och tittade på Varberg och Halmstad...

Vilken bra sommar det har varit ♥