Monday, October 12, 2009

Like Summer just broke through though it was Fall

Just got back from Gbg. We had the nicest time.

Eva and I watched the football match at a local sportsbar. We were almost the only girls and definitely the only Danes there. I have to admit that I feel really sorry that we won...
Sunday we went to Långedrag and had the best räkmacka!

Det var jäkla kallt, men så himla fint ändå.

Then we had a great piece of cake (just like last time) at Le Petit Café, and Eva and I went to Sjöbaren to make reservations. On our way back to the car we decided to take a small detour in Haga, and guess what?! We ran into Håkan! He was out for a walk with Stefan, another guy, and the kids. So sweet.

Before going back home Monday afternoon we did some shopping and had lunch at our favourite place in Saluhallen.

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Alice said...

how lovely !
i watched the match as well, and found so funny to see how attacking and agressinve the danes' game was, and how laid-back and slow the swedes' game was !
so crazy you ran into Håkan !!! :D