Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday - finally!

I finally handed in my last exam project this Friday - after everything went more wrong than I could ever imagine. Two days before deadline the server broke down, and I could do nothing but sit and wait for it to be fixed by the company hosting my site. I have never been so stressed before. My stomach hurt for two days straight, and I hardly got any sleep.
They didn't manage to fix it in time, so I had to hand in an unfinished project. But then right after I handed in my project, I got a message saying that the deadline had been postponed, so I had two more days to work. Perfect - if only the server had been up and running again. They fixed it 10 hours before my finale deadline, so that was yet another night without sleep. But I did it. I finished the project and handed in on time, so now I can finally enjoy a bit of time off. Christmas time in Cph covered in snow. Lovely.

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