Tuesday, January 05, 2010

One tenth of a decade

Another year has gone by. Let's look back at 2009...

January was full of mixed emotions. We were all happy to graduate, but also sad to leave the school and our little gang. Ky moved to Norway.

Then came a lot of times like this...

February was mostly about boredom during the day and partying at night.
We went to see Håkan in Malmö.

I spent my time looking for jobs in March, and Håkan came to Copenhagen.

It finally felt like Spring time in April, and we hung out in the park. I took the test to get into a very cool design school, got through when they narrowed us down to 50 people, but I didn't make the final cut. And neither did my friends. We were so disappointed.

Jeanette and I celebrated our birthdays with a big party in May, but we forgot to get someone to take a photo of us together. But we did get one of Pernille and I.

I decided to take a break from basketball for the first time in 14 years. It was a tough decision, but it seemed necessary. Before I quit we had a great Summer party and night on the town. I even met a sailor.

As usual we had some nice family times by the beach.

I did a lot of web-design in June, and when it was simply too hot inside I moved my office outside.

We celebrated Skt. Hans with good food and drinks.

And Eva, Dorthe and I went to Depche mode.

In July it was finally time for Roskilde. We had a sailor camp and the weather was almost too good for a festival. So hot. Håkan played an awesome gig, and we met many fellow sailors.

Sweetest Alice came to stay with me and we went sailing, secondhand shopping, and of course to the factory store with dear Monika.

I went to beautiful Småland and had the most relaxing time with my family. And when we got back I got a great letter telling me I got into the university.

I finally got a job in August and that called for some dancing.

Eva and I went to Göteborg, Kulturkalaset and Way Out West. Just like the previous years we had a blast and fell even more in love with Gbg.

School started and in September we dressed up as pirates.

I decided to get away for a little while and went back to one of my favourite spots.

Every year I go to many, many concerts in the Fall. This year was no different, and October gave us both Moneybrother, Muse and Sofia Karlsson (among others).

We paid yet another visit to Gbg and took a trip to Långedrag. And then we ran into Håkan in Haga.

I got fired and decided to hide from the cold November rain at the university and play with balloons.

I went to Småland again. This time it was with my two sweet girls. We stayed at Pernille's adorable house that was so cute I felt like taking it home in my pocket.

Then came December and the most stressful time I have ever experienced. Exams were crazy, but finally we could hand in our projects and enjoy the holidays.

We have reached 2010, and everything already feels a little magical...

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