Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stay out of love until you're ready. Stay out of it 'cause it scares you.

Eva and I got back from Malmö last night after to concerts and a lot of shopping. Friday night we went to KB to see Shout Out Louds, and it was awesome. Everyone went crazy and danced like maniacs. Felt so great.

Some time into the show I said to Eva: "Oh I'd love it, if they played
Normandie tonight, but they probably won't." And literally two seconds later this happened...

How lucky can one girl be? So perfect. (I'm pretty amazed how someone managed to catch this on video as the crowd was jumping and dancing).
Yesterday we did some more shopping before going to Babel to see Tomas Andersson Wij. It was a much more quiet atmosphere than the night before, but it was just what we needed as our legs were too tired to dance.

Här vill man ju bo...

We were supposed to go see Band Of Horses tonight, but because of the stupid volcano cloud the show is cancelled. I'm so disappointed.


Alice said...

aaah kärleksgatan !! perfekt !

BabyChika said...

Your title of the post is awesome! love it!