Thursday, April 01, 2010

Welcome sweet April

The one month it's all about is finally here. Sweet April. I'm off doing something not very Aprilish - skiing... But I can't wait to enjoy Spring time in Cph when I get back.


tash said...

your photos are very pretty :)

One who has been changed said...

nice pics, Spring and Fall great time of year. But 4 seasons help me appreciate my two favorites more. Reminds us of the beauty God has created for us to enjoy. Thankful God loves us and His son died for our sins so we would not have to pay the price. Check out the book of John in the Bible. The truth will always set us free. Life is real short and eternity is forever.

Darla Ransom said...

I recently just started a blog, so I decided I would look at some other blogs. This is my favorite so far. I love how everything is just happy. It brings an uplifting feeling that everyone needs to dust off every once in a while.