Sunday, September 19, 2010

Köpenhamn är inte så dålig ändå

Sometimes I forget to stop and look around at the beautiful city I live in. But yesterday afternoon the view from Langebro caught my eye.


ScubaNurse said...

I love copenhagen. I was showing my Boyfriend (who loves architecture) some photos of the city and now he wants to go too!!

Olga said...

Aaah! I had a book length comment about things to do in NY, but blogger erased it.

So. Short and quick.
1)Coney Island, if the weather is nice.
2)Roosevelt Island tram, best in the evening. It's like a giant ski lift that takes you over the water to an island between Manhattan and Queens.
3) Staten Island ferry. Free 30 min boat ride with a free view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
4) Find a free L Magazine from one of those orange boxes on city street corners. It has all sorts of listings about art and music shows.
5)Explore Williamsburg, Greenpoint areas of Brooklyn. I think you'll like it there.
6)Let me know if you need any more tips. :)