Sunday, March 13, 2011

Det kommer alltid finnas en hand för dig nånstans

This weekend has been great. Friday afternoon we paid a visit to our lovely Friday bar and had beers and pizza, and in the evening we went to Christiania to see three bands. One of them sounded like Broder Daniel back in the 90s, and for a moment I think I knew what it must have felt like to stand at Klubb Hemulen in Göteborg fifteen years ago.
Last night was Håkan night again - this time in Cph. He played at a much more fancy venue with seats this time, and we were of course in the front row. But after the first song no one was sitting any more. Everyone just had to dance, and it turned into a huge party with Håkan running around and jumping in the chairs. Such a great show. He even played "Vid Protesfabrikens Stängsel", and I was happy as can be.

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