Monday, August 15, 2011

First stop: Helsinki

The first of our eight stops on the great Scandinavian trip was Helsinki, Finland. It was our first visit to this lovely, lovely city. But definitely not our last one.
We went sailing for a couple of hours as it was perfect sunshine. It actually kind of felt like we had traveled south.

Helsinki is such a beautiful city. It feels a little bit like a mixture of Göteborg and Oslo... And Russia. The architecture is amazing.

We lived right by the harbor and spent quite a lot of time looking at ships and boats. One of them was owned by a man selling potatoes.

We rode green trams and walked all over the city.

On a Saturday night we went to a bar that had swings instead of bar stools, and we met kind and crazy Finns and drank from a bottle of violence.

When we were too lazy to walk around the city, we relaxed on the rocks and watched boats and seaguls.

And Finnish sailors!

I cannot wait to go back to this city someday.

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Alice said...

Lovely !
haha the mini potatis gubbe, sötaste i världen !