Saturday, August 20, 2011


After four days in Helsinki we took a plane to beautiful Stockholm and more sunshine.

We had both been to Stockholm before, so we had decided to only stay for two days this time in order to have more time for the rest of Scandinavia.
We went to Saluhallen for lunch...

And relaxed in Haga Parken.

In the evening we had dinner with Jacob, who has been living in Stockholm for a while because he got a really cool internship. Unfortunately my camera decided to stay at the hotel and take a break that day.
I love Stockholm. It's such a beautiful city with the best views. The only thing missing this time was the cute couple, who unfortunately did not get back from vacation until a few days after we left.

Next stop: Sundsvall.


Steve Worrall said...

Great photos, Stockholm sure is beautiful. Saw The Soundtrack of Our Lives at the Rival Hotel, which is owned by Benny from Abba - it was fantastic!

Alice said...

yeah too bad we were not in town :( :(
haha i was at Hagaparken 2 days ago with the kids for a tipsrunda :)
snälla du email me about the job !!