Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sist men inte minst: Finaste Göteborg

Our last stop on the great Scandinavian trip was sweet, sweet Göteborg.

We decided to go to Feskekörkan, as we had only seen it from the outside. I wish I could live right next to that place and go there for Swedish shrimps every day.

Afterwards we went to Saluhallen for lunch. Mmm.

When it was time for Stay Out West, we went to Storan and waited in line for hours for Okkervil River. But when we were about three meters from the entrance, they told us there was no more room inside. Such a big disappointment. We decided to stay and not give up, and finally we manged to get in and see them play one last song. And then it was time for Destroyer...

Then came Friday and sunshine, and after a ride on a tram filled with perfectly cool Swedes, we arrived here...

Bästa Way Out West! We saw The Avett Brothers, Thåström, Prince, Pulp, Säkert! and so many other great artists.

Every once in a while we took a break under the trees and drank Norrlands.

Saturday night we left the festival area early in order to make it to Domkyrkan and Me & My Army. We were joined by drunken Swedes and had silly talks about Thåström, Håkan and other good things.

On the last day of our long and lovely trip, we decided to go to Långedrag for one last räkmacka.

We have been back in Cph for a while now and it feels nice, but I must admit that I really miss Scandinavian summer and long train rides. It was such a perfect trip.

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