Friday, October 28, 2011

Inte någon vanlig vecka

This week has been crazy. I usually don't go out this much, but...

Monday night I went to see sweet Jens Lekman. He sang sweet songs about Göteborg and Kirsten Dunst.

Tuesday night I got to celebrate Spotify at that good old venue I used to work at. Concerts, arcade games and free beers... on a Tuesday...!

Wednesday morning I might have skipped a bit of class, and in the evening Christian Kjellvander played at a cozy bar, so of course I went there.

Thursday night a new Monki store opened. More free beers, champagne, cake and the usual Cph hipster crowd.

After hanging out at the store for a while, we felt we had seen enough and went to enjoy some great blues, as Daniel Norgren was in town.

Good thing I don't have work or school today.
Sorry for the crappy photos. I managed to leave my camera at home every single day this week. Big applause for me.

1 comment:

Alice said...

what a week !!
so typical with the camera, and everytime you carry it, there's nothing interesting to see liksom..